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YouTube High Retention Views


BUY High Retention for your VIDEO

We offer 100 real views, since your video will be watched by real YouTubeurs. Instant start 1 to 2 hours after putting into production. Rate from 150 to 300 views per day. These views include the engagements of the spectators. 90-day cooldown guarantee. VEVO compatible. IOS mobile viewing. 100 single traffic. 80 retention time up to 3 hours of video (144 min of viewing).

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Now you can buy high quality NRV YouTube views for your video. These views are definitely acquired. Cheap YouTube views will have no impact on your popularity as they do not incorporate viewing time.
All YouTubeurs know better than anyone that credibility and reputation is a guarantee of success on the Web. Having more YouTube views, admittedly, but the quality of YouTube views is paramount. In particular, a partial viewing will be ineffective compared to a 80 viewing of your YouTube clip or video.
Buy comments, likes and YouTube views, but especially YouTube HQ views matches the innovative strategies to attract a new visitor stream to your YouTube video. Cheap YouTube views are a decoy.
If you are looking to have more YouTube views, a strong reputation on YouTube, our solutions for buying YouTube views are made for you.
Offer an efficient and economical advertising campaign by testing our services, and give a boost to your presence on YouTube.
Want to make your YouTube known in a simple and secure way? Feel free to test the different solutions offered by like purchase.
Our offers to buy YouTube views conform to the recommendations of the various social networks, since we put at your disposal real users, real active accounts. We also guarantee the strictest confidentiality.
Our digital marketing solutions allow you to capture and win new subscribers. On simple call our experts will give you a personalized response and will prove that cheap YouTube views represent an unnecessary expense.
Your YouTube traffic depends on your attitude. Having an attractive and relevant content is certainly very important, but you have to let it know. Buy-like gives you this opportunity by climbing your attendance counter on YouTube, thanks to our purchase of YouTube views. This purchase of YouTube views corresponds to quality YouTube views, from real users.
Our expertise in viral advertising on social networks allows you to better monetize your activities on YouTube. Your communication strategy becomes dynamic and winning.
If you want to monetize your profile, your videos should be viewed almost entirely. Then banish the cheap YouTube views and prefer our HQ video views.

The benefits of buying high quality views for your YouTube video

A legal, simple, fast and economical solution that doesn’t require you to have your credentials. Thanks to our services you will quickly get new customers. We are a French company and our team is based in France. Our goal is to be satisfied by providing you with the best possible quality.
  • Buy YouTube HQ-NRV views
  • Instant start [1-2H]
  • 200-300 YouTube views per day
  • NRV™-niche related views
  • 100 real YouTube views – viewing by humans
  • 80 retention time up to 3 hours of video (144 minutes of viewing!)
  • Purchase YouTube views includes spectator engagements
  • 90-day cooldown guarantee
  • IOS mobile viewing
  • 100 single traffic
  • Traffic sources: suggestions and video searches
  • International views
  • Compatible for VEVO
Some sites offer you cheap YouTube views, they are mostly from robots or fake accounts. These cheap YouTube views will have no influence on your notoriety. Prefer to buy high quality YouTube views
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