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Terms of delivery

Shipments and cancellations

Shipping your order

In particular, the customer must clearly indicate all the information relating to the delivery, in particular the corresponding URL.

The customer must ensure that the delivery address is in public mode. No command to a private-mode URL will be processed.

We also invite the customer to complete our forms on the delivery and billing addresses (customer’s full details).

If the customer decides to cancel his order of unavailable products, the refund will be made in accordance with the last paragraph of article 5.5 of the General conditions.

Once the order is put into production, the seller sends a notification email to the purchaser. In the case of dematerialised products, the purchaser cannot at this stage cancel, stop or request reimbursement of his order.

The seller makes available to the customer a “customer service” at the following e-mail:

The seller also makes available to the customer a support in French on the page

Any written complaint from the CLIENT must be forwarded to the following address:


Delivery area

The products offered are available in all locations.
The products are shipped to the delivery address (s) (URLs) that the customer has indicated during the ordering process.

Processing time

The deadlines for preparing an order and then establishing the invoice before the products are put into production are mentioned on the SITE. These deadlines are not weekends or holidays. They are in the order of 48 hours.

An e-mail message will automatically be sent to the customer at the time of shipment of the products, provided that the email address in the registration form is correct.

Terms of delivery

The order will be delivered progressively to the customer at the URL address indicated. The delivery will commence 48 hours after the date of validation of the order (payment validation) and will be spread over several days (variable according to the quantity ordered and the number of start indicated on the counter concerned).

In the event of an erroneous URL or any other erroneous information transmitted by the customer, the seller shall not be liable for the non-issuance of the order.

DELIVERY problems

The customer is informed of the delivery date fixed by the information that appears on the site at the time of validation of his payment.

It is specified that deliveries will be made within sixty (90) days maximum. Failing that, the customer must make the seller to deliver within a reasonable time and in case of non-delivery within this period, he may terminate the contract, unless the delivery of the dematerialised product has already started.

In case the delivery of the dematerialised product has not yet been debited, the seller will reimburse, without undue delay from receipt of the letter of termination, to the customer the total amount paid for the products, taxes and delivery charges included, using the same method of payment as the one used by the customer to purchase the products.

The seller is responsible until the delivery of the product to the customer. It is recalled that the customer has a period of three 2 days to notify a claim.

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